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“Let’s imagine new perspectives together.”
General contractor of the HASAP Group, INSIGHT TCE reveals its know-how in the global contract management of design/execution and fit out projects with multiple technical and human aspects.

Our offers :

Offer Support : from Design to Execution

Insight TCE offers its clients support throughout the making of the project, from defining the concept to handing over the project.


Layout global contract management offer : Bespoke work organization. 

Depending on the projects, their specificities and their volume, INSIGHT acts as a global contract management agency or as a bespoke work organization, in such cases INSIGHT does not carry out the design mission.

Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Convinced of the need for sustainable development, INSIGHT TCE committed itself, in 2016, to a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach. This commitment was achieved by participating in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region programme, Ambition PME. We benefitted from collective trainings provided by AFNOR, and by an individual support with the Oraveo firm.

The diagnosis, carried out according to the ISO 26000 standards, enabled us to assess the situation in all our 36 areas of action, and to prioritize our actions. In order to guarantee the success of the approach, we have involved our employees in the project.

Our 3-year action plan now allows us to progress serenely.

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